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CCTV and Home Automation

An idea that was once considered futuristic has now become a reality. Home automation provides users with remote access to their different household equipment as well as the ability to control these items from anywhere on the planet! Everything can be automated, from the brightness of the lights to who has access to the residence at what time. All gadgets in smart home technology are connected to the main gateway panel through the internet, allowing the user to access and control the use of the smart home equipment. A home automation system is intended to be convenient, safe, and energy-efficient. Choose the best Home Automation services in Trivandrum to automate your home to the next level. Finally, the staff of skilled experts will assist the customer at every step of their journey and ensure that they get the most out of their Home automation India system.

Knowing that you have the proper security in place, whether for your house or your business, will give you peace of mind. CCTV systems are a popular choice for both residential and commercial security. They can be set to function continuously or for a defined period, and the video feed(s) can be controlled from a single place. For example, CCTV systems have been employed in crime prevention and traffic surveillance for motor vehicles and pedestrians (such as in schools or office buildings). According to studies, the usage of surveillance systems has a significant impact on criminal activities.

Surveillance systems have improved thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. One of the most recent surveillance systems offered to household and commercial users is IP video surveillance. When it comes to CCTV installation in Trivandrum, we are known for our services. A fully automated camera system for your house will let you rest easy, whether you install CCTV security cameras as a precaution to increase general home security, to combat anti-social behaviour, or as an economical way to watch youngsters or pets.

home theatre installation service

Home Theatre System

Now you may enjoy amazing movie viewing from the convenience of your own home. We developed everything from a simple soundbar in your living area to a whole surround system experience in your dedicated theatre room. While designing your theatres and selecting speakers, interiors, projectors, and screens, we keep your complete experience in mind. We collaborate with well-known international brands to ensure top-notch audio and video quality. All of our theatres are set up to broadcast video from the internet, such as etc.

We have devised innovative ways to put your home theatre, whether it is in your media room, outdoor room, game room, TV room, or anywhere else in your house. We specialise in masonry installations such as brick, stone, tile, cinder block, etc. With doubts in your mind, search no further for home theatre installation. Give us a call; we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Along with home theatre installation, TV wall mount work is occasionally required, which is an essential component of extending the beauty of your home cinema system. Right Movers provides professional home theatre installation services in Trivandrum. We can serve you if you make an appointment or call our service contact number.

Landscape Services in Trivandrum


Living in a beautiful space is beneficial to one’s mental health, and living in a healthier attractive space is a must!

Landscaping services in Trivandrum are becoming increasingly popular, and they are actually altering what it means to live in the green. It can increase the aesthetic appeal of your neighborhood and one’s health and emotional well-being.

Landscaping does not require a genius, but it is best done with the assistance of a professional. The most efficient and effective way to obtain landscapes is to hire a professional that understands the value of planting the correct green in the precise location. A professional landscaping firm can help with everything from knowing the statures to figuring out what will fit better in the place.

It’s questionable how a professional and a space owner can turn the same area into a different residence. Still, it’s undeniable that a pro knows what’s best for the space and the people who live there. Most people consider landscaping efforts to be a type of interior design, but they are much more than just a show of plants that grow out of control without any care or maintenance. Before taking any action, landscaping professionals will inspect your property, on which the entire plan will be built.

Right movers can offer all kinds of General bed maintenance, fall clean-up, pruning, hedging, lawn protection and feed, irrigation start-up and shut down, seasonal display, mulching, leaf removal and lawn mowing. While many companies offer excellent landscaping services, not everyone can achieve a decent mix of form and function while still looking beautiful on the property. Right movers can accomplish this efficiently and quickly as a leading builder.

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